A greater number of homes, habitat and wildlife will be affected by taking the southwesterly option of the West Davis Corridor.

westFarmington Sound of West Farmington 0 minutes, 55 seconds "westFarmington"

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3 Responses to What is “West” really?

  1. bronson says:

    I love the sounds! I can hear those sounds from my home in West Farmington, along with croaking frogs. How unfortunate it would be to have those beautiful natural sounds replaced by the constant hum of a highway.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mark says:

    A map of the proposed routes can be seen here:

    The “Southern Option” is a horrible idea. Run a highway a few feet away form one of our greatest wildlife habitats? What is UDOT thinking? Do they realize how many Bald Eagle and other birds migrate though this area?

  3. Jeff says:

    I am a West Kaysville resident, but there is just no questoin that the only option here is the Shepherd’s Lane option — (i.e., the NorthEast option).

    The NE option is quicker, cheaper, and will impact far fewer homes, residential communities, families, farms, and wildlife habitats. It will also promote more commuters from West Kaysville to “take the train” by funnelling them into the already designated Farmington Station.

    I have friends in Hunter’s Creek and family in Quail Crossing. I think it is terrible that some of their neighbors will have to relocate, but there is just no question that the NE option is the better option.

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