Saturday, Feb 23, 2013
10:00am – Noon
West Glovers Lane
Check-in is at 1132 W. Glovers Lane

Come join your friends and neighbors in the fun of showing UDOT, Government, and Media why you care about Farmington Bay, and to not destroy it with an elevated freeway. People representing the varies interests and usage of the land will be stretched along a mile long segment of Glovers lane.

  • Home and Family
  • Bird and Eagle
  • Horse
  • Farm
  • Cycling
  • Hunting
  • Air Boat
  • Run / Walk
  • Business

10:00-10:30 Check-in / Refreshments
10:30-11:00 Sections / Staging / Signage
11:00 – 11:30 Instructions / Prep / Line-up
11:30am VIP Caravan Demonstration (Politicians/UDOT/Media with flyover)

Download the Flyer – Spread the Word!


One Response to Mile Long Demo – UDOT Input Meeting

  1. Kathy roush says:

    Glover lane option is a bad idea there will not be any exits on the freeway so it will be a waist of time for Farmington residents to even use it will take us more time to try to get on it then to get on the other freeways so I suggest something else.

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